The Benefits of a Mural (Part one)

There are numerous different options available for advertising and aesthetic improvement for walls and architecture, and it can be difficult to decide on one style or feature. Sauce has over a decade of experience with creating professional murals, all over the east coast of Australia, so let him make the decision easier for you.


With the availability of digital prints, advertising and sign writing, it can be easy to get lost in the crowd. By choosing a mural to decorate the exterior of your building, it communicates your ideas with your client basein a more subtle and sophisticated manner. It’s the difference between screaming through a mega-phone at your audience and having a quiet coffee with a friend. A mural can blend art with advertising and leave a longer more lasting impression with your audience.

A mural is also an excellent method of graffiti prevention. By using aerosols and a culturally sensitive design, a mural can be a highly cost effective graffiti prevention measure. There is no fail safe method, however, aerosol art is a part of the solution, and when incorporated with the building design or structure, a mural can also be a striking feature.


Stay tuned for parts two and three and find out how a mural is the best choice for your business.