Emmanuel College

A few weeks ago, we were contacted by Emmanuel College on the Gold Coast, with a brief to add some colour to the new extensions at the college. The school had recently upgraded the technology block and they decided a mural would be a great way to make the school more inviting. The college already had an industrial theme chosen as it was in the technology area. This made it easy to create the designs and the artwork (sometimes simple is best!). The theme also allowed Sauce to create artwork which is within his area of interest which is always a bonus. 


Loganlea Dance Studio

We were recently contacted by Loganlea State High to add some colour to their dance studio. It was a small and simple mural to create as like the other recent studio mural Sauce created, it was painted off-site on MDF ply and then attached to the wall. This process allowed Sauce to create the mural while juggling other work commitments, and since this mural was for the interior of the dance studio, there were no interruptions with lessons. It also made perfect sense to create an aerosol art backdrop for the dance studio since graffiti and breakdancing are all a part of the hip hop culture.

If your studio needs a backdrop, give us a call. It’s easier than you think. 


Front Door

Its its not every day that we get a request to paint someone’s front door, so when we did, we were taken by surprise. It makes complete sense when you think about it. Who wouldn’t want an oversized Australian native bird greeting them each day?

This aerosol art piece didn’t take long for Sauce to paint, but it was a challenge to make sure the design reflected the client’s needs and fitted the available painting area. When painting animals, especially well known and loved animals it’s a challenge to ensure the details such as colour and size are correct.


If your thinking ‘this is exactly what I need on my front door. Why didn’t I think of that?’ then contact us to arrange a quote. If you’re organised, we might even be able to fit it in before Christmas. 


93 Creator Crescent. The Moon

Mr. Squiggle and his motley crew from the moon made a huge impact on Sauce during the folly of his youth. In fact, I think Mr Squiggle and his friends inspired a whole generation of art lovers. 

I can still remember watching in awe and wonderment as Mr. Squiggle created a masterpiece from a few lines provided by a lucky viewer.


 It blew my five year old mind when he did the artwork upside down. I mean, can you imagine drawing with a pencil as your nose AND creating something recognisable AND doing it UPSIDE-DOWN!? Crazy!

Mr Squiggle Tribute

In the current political climate, it is important to pay tribute and recognise the impact the ABC programming has on our lives and give thanks for the ABC’s contribution to leaning, education and the arts. #saveourabc

Welcome to Caba


Last Saturday Destination Tweed held their annual event Tweed Fusion, which promotes arts and culture in the Tweed. As a part of the celebrations, we joined the cool crew at Caba Creative at Norries Headland for some aerosol art demonstrations where Sauce painted a mural on the amenities block. Cabarita is an amazing beach, and it was the perfect day for markets, live music and interactive art. We met some great people, and hope to work with the community again in the future. 

Emerald Aquatic Centre

The Emerald Aquatic Centre was the first gig Sauce had waiting for him in Emerald, and he was there for six days completing the cartoon murals for the children’s area. Sauce met the manager of the centre on his previous trip to Central Queensland, as the manager was looking for something to smarten the place up before the busy summer season. 

The manager was so impressed with the children’s area, he commissioned Sauce to paint an entrance mural too. 



MTN Australia

The might fine folk at MTN Australia featured Sauce on their blog! As an independent artist, it’s always exciting to receive recognition for your efforts. 

Sauce has always used the best quality paint he can source. Since his artwork is his best form of advertising, he can’t afford to be associated with poor quality, which is why he made the choice to exclusively use MTN 94. 

In the Sauce Studio, we also think it’s a perfect match since Sauce started paining in 1994, which was the same year MTN was created. It can’t be a coincidence!


Strive to Excel

In between the Brisbane Buddah and the piles of paperwork which are taking over the studio, Sauce headed out to Upper Mt Gravatt State School where he added some signs and painted a mural. 

The hand painted signs were a deviation from his usual work, however the school wanted something which had longevity and was visually striking. The mural in the ball court wasn’t Sauce’s first work at the school, as earlier in the year he created a cultural mural which the pupils at the school loved. 


The Dragon and the Buddha

This smiling Buddah was for a heavy metal dude in suburban Brisbane. I received a call while Sauce was on his previous tour of Central QLD, for an enquiry about a mural with the aurora borealis, a Chinese Buddah and a dragon. It sounded great, but we needed to be patient, as Sauce only had a few weeks in-between his next trip away. 

The family who commissioned this mural were great to work with. Not only were they patient, they entertained Sauce with great rotation of heavy metal while being a pleasure to work with. The design elements were easy, since they had a clear idea about what they wanted, but they also let Sauce take some artistic licence where necessary. 
Apparently, the family were so happy with the outcome, they were arguing amongst themselves as to whose idea it was to get Sauce to the mural! We think it looks pretty rad as Buddah is always an effective image to work with.