Sauce is a mural artist based in Murwillumbah which is in Tweed Valley of Northern New South Wales. Sauce has over two decades of experience with public art. His murals can be seen all over Brisbane, Central Queensland and the East Coast of Australia. His artistic curiosity began in primary school, where he parodied band and surf logos as he was fascinated by the different lettering styles. As a teen, he took this fascination further and applied it to aerosols, murals and graffiti. After he picked up his first spray can in 1994, he was hooked. He then spent every spare moment sketching in his school books or writing on the back of factory walls. 

To take his skills further and refine his abilities Sauce completed a Certificate in Illustration in 1995 and an Advanced Certificate in Painting and Drawing in 1996 at TAFE. He also completed a Trade Certificate in Motor Mechanics while he practiced his artwork and built up enough work as an artist, so he could eventually become a professional artist outright. In 2000, Aerograffix was founded and his career as a mural artist and workshop facilitator began.

After another TAFE Course in 2002 where he completed a Diploma in Youth Work, he had all the skills necessary to both create murals and facilitate workshops for young people. A majority of his murals and aerosol art work can be found in schools throughout Brisbane, Central Queensland and Australia. This demonstrates the flexibility of both his skills and the medium. He could be considered a pioneer for his combination of professionalism, artistic ability and cultural sensitivities. His artistic abilities and cultural sensitivities were validated in 2008 when he was awarded ‘King of Canvass’ by the City of Onkaparinga and the winner of the International Mural Fest Sheffield in 2011. He has also been a finalist in numerous other art exhibitions such as the Border Art Prize, Redlands Art Awards, Caldera Art Fest and the International Mural Fest Sheffield.