Art Has No Boundaries

Art certianally does have boundaries not to mention legal paramaters. After sixteen years of basing my business in the Redlands I decided to move to greener pastures twelve months ago. As a young person and a community member I took part in numerous youth and art committees, and I was a gallery volunteer at the Redland Art Gallery in Cleveland. Despite my active involvment in community based projects and the knowlegde I gained over the years, I was consistantly ignored or under valued by local council. I was even nominated by Redland City Council for a “Youth Up Front” award in 2002. Many promises have been broken by council and we are still yet to witness preventative measures towards youth crime and graffiti issues which are effective and culturally appropriate. On numerous occasions I have offered free or low cost artwork only to be denied the opportunity and graffiti removal continues. Several opportunities to train appropriate local artists have also been denied. The money spent on graffiti removal continues to increase as does the incidences of graffiti. I have had meetings with the Mayor and other important stakeholders requestiong the council takes a more broad approach to art and to look beyond Yurara or Coochie Art Group, the two most publicised and council supported art organisations. There are many different policy documents specifying how to involve the use of murals and the type of work I am experienced in. Art has many boundries in Redland City. Mainly too many white picket fences and too much red tape.  Read more: