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After a discussion with Brian Hurst the editor of The Redland Times I am pleased to announce a clarification will be printed which declares Sauce from Aerograffix as a legitimate aerosol artist (but you already knew that). Keep your eyes peeled!

A mural volunteered by Sauce in 2008 at The Rage Cage, Capalaba.


Upon completing this mural I also signed the the back…

See the article published: The Redland Times, August 13, 2010, page 6 

 “Laming Promises Graffiti and CCTV Camera Funds” (13/8/10)

 The article written by Jenna Daroczy is grossly incorrect and the picture featuring Dr Laming, Cr Karen Williams, Pauly Gray and Peter Grieve is specifically incorrect as it features art work and not graffiti. The picture shown in the article in dispute is depicted as a representation of graffiti in need of removal. However on the other side of the picture as shown in the article, is a mural by a voluntary artist who has permission from council to apply artwork at the site. It needs to be noted the picture as displayed in the paper is of a signed piece of artwork and not a tag as insinuated in the article. This is an example of what is featured in Stanley Cohen’s Folk Devils and Moral Panic where news papers reporting on crime and specifically youth related crime vilify and incorrectly target petty crimes and misrepresent the truth. None of which is beneficial to the wider community.

Although the funding as reported in the paper is policy driven and based on Liberal party ethics, it could be suggested the money was better directed elsewhere. The article further explained “The council has a lot of good initiatives place, this funding will just help them to roll out more of that faster” (Laming et al Daroczy, 2010). Alongside this, the article further explained how graffiti is removed or in some cases, artists are allowed to participate in “big murals that allow people to express their aerosol art publically without vandalising property” (Greive et al Daroczy 2010). It is possible to rebut this as on many occasions local aerosol artist, Christian Griffiths from Aerograffix has volunteered his skills, expertise and equipment when it comes to large scale murals without adequate support from local council. He is also a qualified youth worker and has been prepared on many occasions to facilitate workshops involving young people focusing recidivist offenders and linking them into community projects which engage them in interpersonal skills. All of this has been ignored in the article and further ignored by organisers within local council. Aerograffix has been involved with countless rural and regional councils with a high level of success, however in comparison the Redland City council has been obstinate and stagnate when it comes to youth issues and more specifically the subject of graffiti.
It is important to note Aerograffix understands the need for the media and journalists to publish articles of public interests to its readership. Furthermore, Aerograffix understands the need for politicians to campaign on issues which the majority of constituents of an electorate are concerned about and in this case Liberal candidate Dr. Andrew Laming has chosen to publicise the issue of illegal graffiti. This instance proves how The Redland Times has misrepresented the facts and avoided use of the Media Entertainment and Arts Code of Conduct (current) by failing to uphold section one which describes the importance of accuracy of facts and nine which states “Present pictures and sound which are true and correct. Any manipulation likely to mislead should be disclosed[1] <#_ftn1> .”  As a picture of an artwork associated with Aerograffix has been used in the instance of dispute it is possible to argue The Redland Times has publicly defamed the name of a local business. This instance of gross manipulation of facts has been overlooked by both the journalist and editor of the local paper and is indicative of poor journalism and does not aid the campaign of Liberal candidate Dr. Andrew Laming as it shows a lack of regard for local business. It also shows how The Cage, a local youth initiative driven by the  Christian faith ideals  is tokenistic by using the artwork of a local individual, without asking for comment of the artist in question and attempting to justify this by claiming the group is involved with aerosol art murals.  If the journalist had researched for the article or looked at the other side of the artwork in question, it is possible to find </> which has further information and contact details of the artist Sauce.

Ainslie Meiklejohn- Griffiths,
Publications Manager, Aerograffix. 


[1] <#_ftnref1> <>