Endangered Species

A new species of koala has emerged in Redland City and the surrounding areas. The new species is related to Phascolarctos cinereus, however the “Urban Koala” has evolved unique characteristics which include the ability to adapt to suburban environments and a resistance to the STD chlamydia which is devastating other species of koala. A rapid increase numbers is evident as the urban koala can be sighted almost anywhere, anytime, often appearing in shopping centres, cinemas and schools. Commissioned studies have indicated the urban koala can be linked with developers, often sighted carrying briefcases full of cash. This new breed does not display noticible differences in physique to its gum tree dwelling counterpart but it has learnt a basic grasp of the english language and can be heard, regularly stammering, “sorry, that’s not my department”. The koala also displays an ability to write policy documents as it has infiltrated a range of government jobs. Despite being one of approximately sixteen thousand threatened species, the urban koala has successfully dominated local media ensuring youth, community, indigenous and other relevant issues are rarely mentioned. Now positioned at the top of the food chain, the urban koala dictates a complete control where all things are regulated and creative ideas are excluded guaranteeing conformity.

Humans are now the endangered species.