Breaking News!

Stop the press! Artist Sauce was been disqualified today from the International Mural Fest Sheffield Tasmania. 


Sauce travelled to Sheffield, Tasmania to compete in the week long competition, however  in a controversial move he has been disqualified from the competition for the use of aerosols. 

He knew that the use of aerosols would be a ‘grey area’ when it came to the competition, however in previous years mixed medium had been acceptable. It also clearly stated in the artist information pack ‘artists supply their own brushes and also any other artistic equipment required for their specific painting technique’. He tried to reason with the event organisers and suggested he be disqualified for his use of aerosol, but be allowed to finish the mural.

The event organisers were adamant he was to be excluded from the competition on all levels and they call police to escort Sauce from the park when he attempted to paint his mural. 


Here at Aerograffix we are flummoxed at the reaction of the event organisers for Mural Fest. Sauce takes all responsibility for the use of aerosols, but… 

This competition is about art. At what point does artistic integrity go out the window in favour of compliance to rules which are made and enforced by people who aren’t artists themselves? This is a real shame as now people are talking about how narrow-minded and boring the competition is, when really it should be a celebration of nine talented artists painting to the best of their ability.

If this event is to be about art and creating the best mural, why does it matter if aerosols are used? It’s still paint. In past years mixed medium had been acceptable with everything from airbrush to ‘posca pens’. The ruling of banning a professional mural artist for painting a wall (Which I’m pretty sure is the point of the whole competition) is ludicrous.

At the end of the day, this is no longer about the art, nor the artistic abilities of the competitors. It’s about conforming and appealing to the sensitivities of the event organisers.