BCC Wipes Out Another Mural

At Aerograffix, we were contacted recently by a Community Worker for a new graffiti prevention project. Initially, I (Ainslie) was excited, as I thought the project sounded exciting, exactly what Brisbane needed, BUT….after three scheduled meeting attempts, and waiting for over an hour for a ‘catch up over coffee’ I realized my meeting with the Community Worker was overrated.

The worker wouldn’t tell me what was required or expected of Aerograffix. There was no mention of where any of the projects would happen, or even if a mural would be created. When I specifically asked what services we would be required to deliver, I wasn’t given a straight answer. I was told, we would have to go to community meetings. Fair enough, given that it is a community project, it’s only fair that the community decides on what would be most suitable. I told the Community Worker that myself and Christian would be willing to go to meetings, but, since we operate as a business, we would have to act as one and therefore, charge for any further services provided. I said we were more than willing to come to the table, we just needed something on the table to come for, so to speak. It was clear, the Community Worker wanted someone to work for free. Again, fair enough if someone is starting their career or when budgets are tight, but I did a little digging. It turns out this is a part of a $150,000 project in Brisbane, which was given out of a 3 million dollar fund from the Federal Government. If a project is to attract industry professionals, then it is necessary to have the right funding to do so. 


A few days later, I received an email, informing us at Aerograffix that the Durack Guides Hall was going to be re-painted as a part of the Walls and Colours project, as it required rebranding. This is the same Durack Guides Hall which Christian painted in March 2007 which required very little maintenance and was a successful project. In the same email, I was informed that Christian could not be paid if he wanted to be involved in the rebranding and repainting process. 


Sure, I understand budgets are tight, and I completely understand that Aerograffix doesn’t need to be involved with every mural project in Brisbane, but…


How is it ‘in the sprit of community’ to paint over one mural with another? And why call us out to a meeting, not telling us any information about some ephemeral community project for which there apparently is no budget for? 


Long story short, this is another example of BCC completely missing the mark with graffiti prevention and working with industry professionals. 


We’re not happy with this, and we’ve voiced our concerns. Feel free to voice your concerns too. 


Below are pictures of the existing murals which were completed in 2007.