We're Moving

After much consideration and thought, Sauce and myself have decided to close the doors of the studio and begin a new chapter. Sauce will still be creating his amazing murals and painting up a storm, all over the countryside, however we cannot justify keeping the studio open. Since Sauce spends most of his time outside Murwillumbah and my study workload is ever increasing, we needed to make the practical and realistic decision to run the business from the mountains in the Tweed Valley rather than have a space open to the public. 


Last year, Sauce travelled to Central Queensland three times, he visited the Sunny Coast, Coulstan Lakes and made countless trips to Brisbane. Not to mention the local work he managed to squeeze into his schedule. In other words, Sauce painted more murals than you had hot meals last year and it looks like this year will be just as busy, so the added pressure of keeping the studio open is something which is unfeasible. 

Still Lifeless

Our time in Murwillumbah has been a roller coaster of adventure. We’ve met some lovely locals, and we’re amazed by the support we’ve received from unlikely backers. After holding fourexhibitions and various other curated tidbits, we have by far, exceeded our own expectations for the studio and as creative practitioners, we are stronger for it. However, our time in Murwillumbah hasn’t always been the best of times. Watching the Tweed Regional Art Gallery shuttle all the official dignitaries and guests past our doors on big air-conditioned busses to the opening of the Margaret Olley Art Centre which we weren’t allowed to go to, was definitely a low point. As was spending days and weeks tied up in bureaucracy with the local council, only to not get a project off the ground. But that is all in the past, and we’re ready to make 2015 our own with new projects, new murals and more surprises.  Fortune favours the brave!


So thanks once again for your unwavering support and well wishes. We wouldn’t be here without you. Whether you’ve commissioned a mural, bought a shirt, picked up a post card or just said hello, we’re grateful for the positive energy. If you’ve always been meaning to pop by the studio for a shirt or canvas, you’ve got until the 22nd of January.  So get in quick! And make sure you call first, as we’re in-between offices.