Under New Management

Over the past 18 years as principal artist at The Sauce Studio I have achieved many goals and endured my fair share of challenges. I thank you all for your support throughout my career. The time has come to make some changes, this year I am looking forward to taking things a little slower and handing the reins and responsibility of the business to my offsider. It is with excitement I can announce that Mac has completed training and will be managing all aspects of operations this year. The position will allow him to apply his artistic skills and further develop customer relationships along with all of the stuff that happens behind the scenes such as administration, ordering materials, equipment maintenance, tour scheduling and design development. As pictured below, Mac’s enthusiasm to help with the day to day tasks has shown he is a more than competent to manage all aspects of being a public artist and has even painted a couple of houses under my guidance.

I will be around in a limited capacity during this handover period to ensure a smooth transition and will be making the most of studio based projects whilst Mac is onsite. I am not sure how he will go answering the phone and doing the accounting, he’s kind of a lazybones in the office but can shred documents like a pro. He loves a good bin dive and working on any job wheres theres a lunchroom… come to think of it there was also regular occurrence of disappearing sandwiches from the work ute. Although unlicensed he’s happy to drive anywhere (especially the beach) and has a tendency to be distracted balls, sticks and anything remotely edible. It is time to pass the baton to the next generation of artist, Mac will be catering for all of your mural and art requirements.