The Benefits of a Mural (Part two)


Welcome back to part two of ‘The Benefits of a Mural’. In the previous post we explained how a mural can be a cost effective method of graffiti prevention and how it differs from digital printing. In this post, we will explain the human elements of a mural.



A mural can be a cost effective method of creating a sense of pride and ownership for schools, community organisations and sporting clubs. The design elements of the creative process can provide your organisation with effective tools to make your space your own. The use of a mural creates a brand alignment with the handcrafted, bespoke and artisan elements of sign-writing. This type of visual communication speaks above the convoluted clip-art images we are all familiar with. By commissioning a professional mural artist to create a mural for your organisation, you are immediately communicating differently with your client base. 




Murals are also a great way to enliven a usually dull or dead space that would be usually ignored or avoided. Through the use of colour, you can make a feature of a normally wasted space. The human element of the design process provides a platform of realness to your organisation. The application process alone allows a level of flexibility which is unmatched with other sign-writing or visual advertising methods.


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