I escaped the cold winter briefly and headed to sunny North Queensland to visit family. While in town I was commissioned to do a large wall I had discussed with the owner a couple of years ago when I painted the stairwell. I explored several design concepts each using an illusion element and the owner chose the “funky” one. It was great to see this mural come to fruition and able to put the time in the wall deserved.

During this trip I delivered a canvas to its new home and as always no visit to cairns is complete without a paint session and a cold beverage with the talented and friendly locals, Mint & Wal.


Redland Museum

This woodworking mural at Redland Museum is one of many that Sauce has created over the past ten years for the organisation. Since Sauce has painted many different backdrops in the museum, he suggested for this mural could be painted in a sepia tone. This creates a point of difference for the numerous displays. The colour scheme also adds a layer of historicity for the narrative of the display, which included assorted logging machinery. It was also important to ensure the content of the mural was historically accurate, so under the direction of the Redland Museum staff, I found various images from the library archives which could be suitable, however since photographic technology wasn't great back then, and they probably weren't thinking about providing references pictures for mural artists, some of the design was pieced together using information as provided by the staff. The accuracy also meant Sauce focused on some of the smaller details and he used a variety of methods, including paintbrush, aerosol and airbrushing to create the different layers of the mural. 


Ainslie Rose. 

Redland Museum 15-1web.jpg
Redlands Museum 15-2web.jpg
Redlands Museum 15-3web.jpg
Redlands Museum 15-4web.jpg
Redlands Museum 15-5web.jpg

Cabarita Community Noticeboard

This mural took some time to complete as it was finalised over the holiday season. The fine folk from Caba Creative and You and Bamboo wanted an illusion style mural (trompe l’oeil) and felt the plain wall needed some artwork which suited the area and included the local flora and fauna. Sauce used paint-brush for the black cockatoos and aerosol for some other the other features like the skateboard. It was an usual mural, as there were many different items to work around, including the ATM, the bird features were incorporated to work around these objects and I think it creates a sense of scale and proportion. 

Community Noticeboard

Emmanuel College

A few weeks ago, we were contacted by Emmanuel College on the Gold Coast, with a brief to add some colour to the new extensions at the college. The school had recently upgraded the technology block and they decided a mural would be a great way to make the school more inviting. The college already had an industrial theme chosen as it was in the technology area. This made it easy to create the designs and the artwork (sometimes simple is best!). The theme also allowed Sauce to create artwork which is within his area of interest which is always a bonus. 


Five Letters

Five Letters

Five Letters was a solo retrospective for aerosol artist, Sauce. Sauce started sketching and painting the back of factory walls in 1994 and his back catalogue is filled with images which represent graffiti lettering and hand-style tags. Five Letters was not about showcasing gentrified graffiti, rather it was a celebration of Sauce’s roots and the ‘good old days’ when painting was about riding the lines and using whatever paints you could get your hands on.