It was great to colab with a few artists to freshen up the Moreton Bay Girl Guide hut at Wynnum. Thanks goes out to the Girl Guides who gave us the opportunity to return about 12 years after we completed the original project. I was with good company with experienced artists Rems, Kasino, Skonz and Kradl.


Since the early 2000’s, I have visited Aramac on numerous tours Central Queensland. I returned in July of this year, when I saw four of my murals at the local school still looking good with the exception of my first creation which had seen better days. I called into Aramac State School on my way between Barcaldine and Muttaburra, and I was in lucky enough find a group of volunteers on the grounds and the Acting Principal in her office on a Saturday. Permission was granted to re-paint the deteriorated space themed mural so I jumped straight to it. Time was limited as I still had some way to travel that afternoon if I was to avoid driving through peak kangaroo traffic after sunset. It was ambitious attempting a 3D piece in a short timeframe with zero planning but the wall called for something special. Hot outback winds were gusting and the sun rays intensified throughout the afternoon. I was happy with the final outcome and the school is so satisfied they have made contact and offered to remunerate me for the artwork which I undertook without any commercial arrangement. The spontaneity of unplanned murals can mean they turn out to be the most memorable experiences.