The Dragon and the Buddha

This smiling Buddah was for a heavy metal dude in suburban Brisbane. I received a call while Sauce was on his previous tour of Central QLD, for an enquiry about a mural with the aurora borealis, a Chinese Buddah and a dragon. It sounded great, but we needed to be patient, as Sauce only had a few weeks in-between his next trip away. 

The family who commissioned this mural were great to work with. Not only were they patient, they entertained Sauce with great rotation of heavy metal while being a pleasure to work with. The design elements were easy, since they had a clear idea about what they wanted, but they also let Sauce take some artistic licence where necessary. 
Apparently, the family were so happy with the outcome, they were arguing amongst themselves as to whose idea it was to get Sauce to the mural! We think it looks pretty rad as Buddah is always an effective image to work with. 

Caloundra Bambini

This week I spent four days in Caloundra, working on four different murals at Bambini ECD Caloundra. The walls were a specific part of the design of the childcare centre with each wall tying in a different theme which correlated with the activities provided by the facility. This concept allowed for the designs to be purpose built as opposed to an afterthought. Essence Property were great to work with and the staff were very encouraging. I was also able to check in with some of my older work in the neighborhood at Mooshka and I had an excellent dinner there. I had a lot of work to squeeze in over the past few days but I’m really happy with the outcome. I can’t wait to do some more purpose built walls in the future.