It's been a while between blog posts and unfortunately our internet issues remain...How's your NBN? I responded to my telecommunications experiences with a solo exhibition The Dark Ages and am hoping to launch a new venture in carrier pigeons in the near future.

I've been busy in my studio and have completed a few mural commissions recently. The great team at Greenhills Lodge in Murwillumbah put my skills to good use with two murals for the residents. 

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2016 Wrap Up

Posting this has been difficult with ongoing internet issues but here's a belated wrap up of some of the highlights from last year.


After a solo exhibition at the Grasslands Galley in Tambo in January and completing murals at the local gym in July I returned to Barcaldine for another large scale mural. This time around Barcaldine Regional Council commissioned a public artwork situated in the main street. 

Emmanuel College

Since completing a mural on the Technology Block last year I have recently returned to Emmanuel College on the Gold Coast. This project entailed painting a floor mural which threw up number of challenges both in the design and application stages however I am very satisfied with the artwork.

The Sandstone Point Hotel

Back in April, Sauce was contacted by the Comiskey group, as the owner had a new project he was working on. Sauce had previously worked for David at one of his childcare centres on the Sunshine Coast, so it was great to continue this partnership. 

David had numerous ideas about the designs and imagery for his latest development, the Sandstone Point Hotel. Since the hotel has numerous different bars, eating areas and meeting points, cleverly, David wanted a different focus in each area or zone. David also chose to begin the mural and artwork phase prior to opening, so Sauce was in there, painting amount the construction site. By focusing on each different zone, Sauce was able to design and tailor artwork to suit the usage and the layout of the area. The different zones, also provided Sauce with different artistic opportunities. The images below show the signage, portrait, and ghost-signs. All of which were a welcome challenge. 

From the design phase, where the client used Pinterest to indicate the themes and perspective, to the application of the artwork, this is by far, was one of the more intricate, varied and professional artworks Sauce has created. It's not only a portfolio piece, but it also an example of how businesses can use artwork to suit their needs and transform an area, by standing out from all of their competitors. This project was the perfect balance of artwork, patronage and commercial value. Sauce hopes to both work with the Comiskey Group again, and other likeminded clients who want to stand out from the crowd. 


As as the weather warms up and the days grow longer, I strongly recommend a trip north of Brisbane to the Sandstone Point Hotel. Baby Boomers will be pleased to know the Beach Boys will be performing there in the near future, and there's even a petting zoo for the little ones. So grab your family, get in the car, and get ready to enjoy a cool drink, tasty food, great artwork and seaside views. 


 Ainslie Rose. 

Comiskey Whiskey
Matthew Flinders
Oysters Bribie
Flower Stall
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Redland Museum

This woodworking mural at Redland Museum is one of many that Sauce has created over the past ten years for the organisation. Since Sauce has painted many different backdrops in the museum, he suggested for this mural could be painted in a sepia tone. This creates a point of difference for the numerous displays. The colour scheme also adds a layer of historicity for the narrative of the display, which included assorted logging machinery. It was also important to ensure the content of the mural was historically accurate, so under the direction of the Redland Museum staff, I found various images from the library archives which could be suitable, however since photographic technology wasn't great back then, and they probably weren't thinking about providing references pictures for mural artists, some of the design was pieced together using information as provided by the staff. The accuracy also meant Sauce focused on some of the smaller details and he used a variety of methods, including paintbrush, aerosol and airbrushing to create the different layers of the mural. 


Ainslie Rose. 

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