Some days in the Northern Rivers you just, can’t understand why there are so many closed minds and cliché groups. As a professional artist, who has moved back to the area I have really struggled to find my voice amongst the naysayers and the pretentious creative types who have taken over. I’ve spent the past decade building my professional mural business and I have nearly twenty years of experience in working with aerosols and and creating public art, but the doors of the gallery are still jammed shut. To find somewhere to create my art, I have to traipse up hills and search over the countryside to find a place to paint, when in reality there are plenty of great public places which would be perfect for a professional mural. And that doesn’t even begin to cover how the Treasures of the Tweed is devaluing my profession. Some days in the Northern Rivers, you just wonder where it all went wrong; it’s a great place to live, but a difficult place to work