Each year, our rad mates from Brisbane throw a backyard party on Aussie Day. The party changes as the tribe grows but the essentials are all there, like goon-inspired punch, snags on the barbie, bogan inspired costumes, and the Triple J Hottest 100 on the stezza. Since everyday is a good day for a paint, Sauce contributed to the party vibes and smashed out this chrome-effect filled piece. Mad props to our Brisbane friends who know how to throw a party!

And I don’t want to get too political, but Sauce and myself would like to pay tribute to the First Peoples who walked this country. Australia was colonised, not settled and was indeed inhabited for thousands of years before Captain Cook made it to our shores. When are we going to get a new flag?

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Aus Day
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Bang on Trend


Are you a Blockhead? Sauce and I have to admit, we were sucked in hook, line and sinker when it came to The Block Sky High (and past series!). Maybe it’s because our house is in desperate need of renovation, or that as a public artist Sauce is always looking at new visual ideas and trends. Maybe it’s the scripted drama and the (non)reality t.v. Who knows why we’re glued to our set; Sauce and I watch The Block, like there is no tomorrow. So, when last night’s episode aired, of course we watched it.


The excitement was high and drama was promised, but Sauce and I noticed in the background of the factory, something which was distracting from the chaos of renovating. There was ‘graffiti’ in the background which looked prescribed. We couldn’t help but noticing it looked more of a mock up of what graffiti might look like if producers had commissioned a few kids to paint a wall. Which essentially, isn’t the biggest crime of the century. It even makes for exciting t.v. but… As the episode continued it was clear, the artwork was going to be exploited, and was used as another trendy statement piece. 


Again, the exploitation of graffiti art is not the end of the world, however when you make a living from the industry, it can be frustrating at the very least to have major corporations and brands taking over a subculture for their own financial gain. If graffiti art was required for the styling of the room, there are plenty of aerosol artists who could have painted the couple’s walls. How much more interesting would the room look if the artwork was seamlessly blended throughout the entire room?


On Facebook, we have stared an album, where we have images of graffiti gone wrong. We’ve called it #bangontrend since it is all about looking good and not about the art, not about the artists. Next time you see a pretty girl modeling the latest fashions in front of a graff piece, send us a flick! Not only are we standing up for the graffiti culture, it’s about the moral rights of an artist. 

The Gym

This year, I’ve been super busy working all over Queensland, so when a local business in Murwillumbah requested my skills for their blank wall, I jumped at the chance. The management at The Gym were great to work with, as they wanted a design which was specifically graffiti art. The brief was to make it look like a real alleyway and to make it look dirty and grimy. This piece reinvigorated my enthusiasm for a simple and clean piece. I’m looking forward to the summer break so I can smash a few pieces just for fun.



Some days in the Northern Rivers you just, can’t understand why there are so many closed minds and cliché groups. As a professional artist, who has moved back to the area I have really struggled to find my voice amongst the naysayers and the pretentious creative types who have taken over. I’ve spent the past decade building my professional mural business and I have nearly twenty years of experience in working with aerosols and and creating public art, but the doors of the gallery are still jammed shut. To find somewhere to create my art, I have to traipse up hills and search over the countryside to find a place to paint, when in reality there are plenty of great public places which would be perfect for a professional mural. And that doesn’t even begin to cover how the Treasures of the Tweed is devaluing my profession. Some days in the Northern Rivers, you just wonder where it all went wrong; it’s a great place to live, but a difficult place to work

Day Off

In late December 2012, Kosie and I had a pre-birthday bash at the legal wall in my home town, Murwillumbah. It was great to spend some time with a mate and just head out for a good old fashioned paint. As you can see in the pictures, the sun was shining and the paint was flowing, and later in the afternoon the beer was flowing too. I can’t wait to do it all again.


Eagleby Youth Space

During July I facilitated five aerosol art workshops for Eagleby Youth Space. The participants were young people from the local area. This project was one of many different projects which I have undertaken with Eagleby Youth Space since working with this organisation in 2001, and I look forward to many more in the future.