Redland Museum

This woodworking mural at Redland Museum is one of many that Sauce has created over the past ten years for the organisation. Since Sauce has painted many different backdrops in the museum, he suggested for this mural could be painted in a sepia tone. This creates a point of difference for the numerous displays. The colour scheme also adds a layer of historicity for the narrative of the display, which included assorted logging machinery. It was also important to ensure the content of the mural was historically accurate, so under the direction of the Redland Museum staff, I found various images from the library archives which could be suitable, however since photographic technology wasn't great back then, and they probably weren't thinking about providing references pictures for mural artists, some of the design was pieced together using information as provided by the staff. The accuracy also meant Sauce focused on some of the smaller details and he used a variety of methods, including paintbrush, aerosol and airbrushing to create the different layers of the mural. 


Ainslie Rose. 

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