Keep It Simple, Stupid

Welcome back to #ArtThursday! I’m glad you could make it. This week we’re getting into the nuts and bolts of the studio and talking about materials. You’ve all heard the saying a bad workman blames his materials, which is true to some extent, but mostly you get what you paid for.


When it comes to walls, murals and aerosol art, Sauce prefers to use good quality paint which will last the test of time. Which is why he prefers MTN. MTN have a great colour range and, with the Alien cans he can create some great translucent effects. Sauce has also used Montana Gold and Black and Australian made Signets. With paint, it is a matter of quality, especially when you are working with clients and painting on exterior surfaces. In the past, Sauce has experienced some supply issues as aerosols are classed as dangerous materials. This means they need to be shipped and freighted via rail or road, and all of that can lead to supply shortages at retail outlets, even if you order well in advance.


Sauce in the studio with his latest batch of supplies.

As for sketching, drawing and Blackbooks, Sauce prefers to keep it simple and low key. His Blackbooks are A4 or A5 and his latest batch came from the local office supply store. A4 is for Blackbook sketches and smaller commissions while the A5 is for large scale walls or logo designs. In the sketch books, he uses a myriad of pens and pencils and has no real brand preference. Again, this is where as an artist, he likes to keep it low key. Most designs are done in pencil with very limited use of colour. The lack of colour is usually done to save time for the client and it can be challenging to colour match pens with aerosol paints. 

Sauce’s drawing desk. Here, it’s full of reference pictures, pens, rulers and other stationary. 



No big secrets or surprises here. Just good old fashioned paint.


NB This is not a sponsored post.

Stencil Art Workshops in The Sauce Studio.

Yesterday, we held our first stencil art workshops in our studio in Murwillumbah. The turnout was great and the participants were an interesting collection of young and old. The seven participants watched Sauce paint a quick demo and spent the rest of the afternoon creating their own canvas with various stencil forms and patterns. It was fantastic to have some older participants step outside their comfort zones and explore a new medium. We can’t wait for the next workshop so we can meet some new faces!


The next workshop will be held on the 26th of January from 2-5 pm. For all enquires and bookings email