Having completed my tasks at Gayndah, Miriam Vale, Tannum Sands, Gladstone, Blackwater and Emerald, my last stop on this Central Queensland tour was Aramac. When I was completing a mural at the school last year I was informed my skills were required for an upcoming event amongst other things to be painted around the town. Winding up the trip with plenty of artwork raffled at Hogs and Dogs event alongside the Toyota Landcruiser, a Pro Hart inspired mural and many laughs with friends, locals and travellers alike. I can't wait to live it up in sunny Outback Queensland again, I can see why some know this place not just as the centre of Queensland but the centre of the Universe.

Caba Creative Trail

Caba Creative Trail

Installation work is where Sauce is keen to keep pushing the boundaries and experimenting with. For this work, he used aerosol on a composite board, creating a three dimensional effect to contrast with the natural landscape. 

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Each year, our rad mates from Brisbane throw a backyard party on Aussie Day. The party changes as the tribe grows but the essentials are all there, like goon-inspired punch, snags on the barbie, bogan inspired costumes, and the Triple J Hottest 100 on the stezza. Since everyday is a good day for a paint, Sauce contributed to the party vibes and smashed out this chrome-effect filled piece. Mad props to our Brisbane friends who know how to throw a party!

And I don’t want to get too political, but Sauce and myself would like to pay tribute to the First Peoples who walked this country. Australia was colonised, not settled and was indeed inhabited for thousands of years before Captain Cook made it to our shores. When are we going to get a new flag?

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Aus Day
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Welcome to Caba


Last Saturday Destination Tweed held their annual event Tweed Fusion, which promotes arts and culture in the Tweed. As a part of the celebrations, we joined the cool crew at Caba Creative at Norries Headland for some aerosol art demonstrations where Sauce painted a mural on the amenities block. Cabarita is an amazing beach, and it was the perfect day for markets, live music and interactive art. We met some great people, and hope to work with the community again in the future. 

Central Highlands Multicultural Festival



The Central Highlands Multicultural Festival which is in it’s tenth year gets bigger and better with each festival and this year was no exception. This time, Sauce facilitated a series of workshops incorporating aerosol art and hip hop culture leading up to the festival with the young people of Emerald and Blackwater. On the evening of the event there were more workshops and Sauce created several canvas pieces which the festival will auction off at a later date to raise funds for future festivities. 

Sauce also caught up with Ethic Ill, an Emcee and DJ from Emerald who performed at the event. The festival was definitely a highlight of the tour, as Sauce was able to meet so many varied members of the public and by painting at these types of events, it allows Sauce to break down any stereotypes associated with aerosols. It was also encouraging to see another generation of young people learn and grow from the experiences of the workshops. Not to mention the management of the festival. It takes a mammoth effort to create this type of festival and it would not be possible for the event to flourish without all of the hard work from the management team or the volunteers, so a massive thanks goes out to all of them.


We hope that next year is bigger and better again! To stay up to date with all of the festivities, you can follow the Central Highlands Multicultural Festival on Facebook.