The Blackall Show

In September of last year, the Blackall Show Committee decided they needed to create a colourful backdrop for their annual show. Sauce has created many different murals in both Blackall and Central Queensland, so it was easy to organise another trip out to Central Queensland. 

Over a series of emails, Sauce, myself and the Blackall Show Committee organised the design, for one of the tallest murals Sauce has created to date. The mural needed to both add colour and be a backdrop for all of the cultural activities and festivities associated with the show. It also needed to create an atmosphere which recognised over a century of history and commitment to community. All while creating a new layer of history for many years to come. Sauce also facilitated workshops and demonstrations at the show. It was non-stop painting! 

Once Sauce was in Blackall, it didn’t take long for the locals to say hello and ask about other projects and walls that Sauce could fit in while still in the area. He managed to paint some extra signage, and create a welcoming environment for the local Men’s Shed. The local Magpies also requested a mural, and Sauce was happy to oblige. 

As always, Sauce enjoyed the good old-fashioned county hospitality and hung out at the best hotel in the West.



Ainslie Rose. 

Central Highlands Multicultural Festival



The Central Highlands Multicultural Festival which is in it’s tenth year gets bigger and better with each festival and this year was no exception. This time, Sauce facilitated a series of workshops incorporating aerosol art and hip hop culture leading up to the festival with the young people of Emerald and Blackwater. On the evening of the event there were more workshops and Sauce created several canvas pieces which the festival will auction off at a later date to raise funds for future festivities. 

Sauce also caught up with Ethic Ill, an Emcee and DJ from Emerald who performed at the event. The festival was definitely a highlight of the tour, as Sauce was able to meet so many varied members of the public and by painting at these types of events, it allows Sauce to break down any stereotypes associated with aerosols. It was also encouraging to see another generation of young people learn and grow from the experiences of the workshops. Not to mention the management of the festival. It takes a mammoth effort to create this type of festival and it would not be possible for the event to flourish without all of the hard work from the management team or the volunteers, so a massive thanks goes out to all of them.


We hope that next year is bigger and better again! To stay up to date with all of the festivities, you can follow the Central Highlands Multicultural Festival on Facebook.

Stencil Art Workshops in The Sauce Studio.

Yesterday, we held our first stencil art workshops in our studio in Murwillumbah. The turnout was great and the participants were an interesting collection of young and old. The seven participants watched Sauce paint a quick demo and spent the rest of the afternoon creating their own canvas with various stencil forms and patterns. It was fantastic to have some older participants step outside their comfort zones and explore a new medium. We can’t wait for the next workshop so we can meet some new faces!


The next workshop will be held on the 26th of January from 2-5 pm. For all enquires and bookings email 





Goodbye 2013!

Wowzers! 2013 has been one rollercoaster of a year. Sauce painted more murals than we care to count and the studio has been out biggest adventure yet! 

The year started with a bang, as Sauce spent five days at Brisbane Pop Culture with Turtle and Em Undead. With all the rain and storms for the summer of 2012-13 Sauce was definitely battling the elements. But it was finished in time and luckily Em and Turtle escaped any flooding. We however, were not so fortunate. Country living has it’s downside, and while we were planning and scheming to open The Sauce Studio in Murwillumbah, we were flooded in at home for four and a half days, without power. But, we survived, and managed to open the studio, so Lady Luck must have been looking after us.

Buddah watching over us in the studio.

The Studio opening in March was definitively the scariest and most exciting thing we have ever done. In the lead up to opening night, it was utter chaos. We were busily organising shirts, logos, merchandise, advertising and all the paperwork that comes with running and expanding a business. We also had to re-fit the shop ourselves which saw Sauce and myself covered in paint and sweat from head to toe. A massive thanks goes out to all the people who visited for opening night (and throughout the year!). It’s heartening to know people are interested in the artwork and want to support an independent artist.

Ainslie Rose hard at work!

Once we opened the studio, Sauce was off to Tassie, and then Julia Creek, which was the first of three trips to Central Queensland this year. The Anglicare CQ team are without a doubt the most professional and dedicated team we have worked with. Every time Sauce visits Emerald, he’s treated like a superstar and the Anglicare CQ team have every detail organised. The kids are appreciative and enthusiastic. Sauce has even made friends up there who take him motorbike riding. Rough life hey?

The studio is keeping us both busy, with Sauce using the space as a workshop and I’m busy with all of the admin and paperwork. In September of this year, we held out first curated showcase, which was another adventure. I had the exciting role of Senior Curator, which meant I was developing and analysing the theme, while also advertising and vacuuming. For the week before Stains of Modernity opened, we had a young lad on work-experience who was dedicated and energetic. We almost couldn’t keep up with him!  Again, a massive thanks to all who came to the opening night and gave us a hand behind the scenes. It’s always scary throwing that type of party. We can never tell if it is going to be epic or, and epic failure, so thanks for making it a success.

Digital Interference. One of the pieces from Stains of Modernity.

It hasn’t been all beer and skittles, with Sauce facing some challenging bureaucracy and professional hurdles. We blogged about the many different experiences, and on a personal level it is disappointing to see the legal walls shut down, commissioned walls painted over and the zero tolerance approach taken by numerous organisations. I am conscious when we’re putting together blog posts as it is easy to moan about these issues, but we believe in standing up for what we believe in. Which is why we also write countless emails to officials and bureaucrats and make this information public. Just like Max Cavalera reminds us, “I’d rather die on my feet than keep living on my knees.” Too true Mr Cavalera.


One more exciting piece of information before we go. We are finally running stencil and aerosol workshops from the studio. Book it in your diary!

January 12th & 26th and February 9th.
$40 per head which includes a small canvas and paint supplied. 
Strictly 13 years or older.
Bookings essential
Wear appropriate clothing. All care taken, no responsibility for leaving paint on your new Nikes.


What ever you are doing this festive season, stay safe, look after your mates and enjoy yourself.

Sauce and Ainslie Rose.

Sauce takes some time out with his new favourite book.


Arts Fest Week at Calvary Christian College

For the first week back at school of term, four I was Artist in Residence for Calvary College at the Carbrook campus. This marked my fourth year at the school and as always, the school community was great to work with. I did several workshops with the art classes and completed a mural for the sports shed.

RAW: Byron Bay Encompass



Save the date folks! We’re going to be at ENCOMPASS! Show your support by booking a ticket for the princely sum of $16.65 and get yourself to The Beach Hotel, Byron Bay on the 13th of November from 7 pm.  Make sure you wear your party pants and are ready to boogie the night away. There will be all different types of artists so make a night of it and bring all your friends. See you there!

Central Queensland Tour

Did you hear the news? I’m famous in Central Queensland! During August and September I spent two and a half weeks traveling and painting my way through Central Queensland. During that time, I managed to complete ten murals and assist students to complete fifty-five canvasses which used twenty-two litres of acrylic paint, fifty-two spray cans and sixty nozzles

After a stop over at Ink Addict in Tara  I headed onto Emerald where I smashed an aerosol art demonstration at Central Highlands Multicultural Festival. I squeezed in an illusion style floor mural for the team at Anglicare CQ in the first few days, before running stencil workshops in Emerald, Rubyvale and Springsure. During the tour, I completed murals at Capella State High, Springsure State School, Blackwater State High, the Emerald Neighborhood Centre and the Emerald Kick Wall.

As usual, it was an absolute blast to work with the Anglicare CQ team. They always look after me and it’s great to see the young people enjoy different art forms. There is far too much to show for one blog post, so here is a taste of some of the completed works. 


Springsure State School requested a cafe themed mural and a Welcome sign. 


Blackwater State High Students show Effort, Responsibility, Safety and Respect.

We paid tribute to the ANZACs with a mural at Capella State High School. Lest We Forget.


Springsure Stingers Swimming Club


Redlands College

Earlier this week I visited Redlands College and spent the day delivering a series of talks, discussing career pathway opportunities in the arts and my experiences as a proffessional mural artist. During the lunchbreak I enjoyed the challenge of completing an aerosol art demonstration within a brief timeframe. I really enjoy demonstrations as it allows an opportunity to showcase techniques to a large audience.