The Benefits of a Mural (Part Three)

Welcome to the final installment of the Benefits of a Mural posts. In this post, I want to talk about the versatility of aerosol art. 


Aerosol art is not limited to walls, graffiti styles or large murals. The skills and knowledge associated with mural art and aerosol art can be utilized to create innovative stage backdrops, set design and feature walls for the home. By using detailed cutouts, large canvases and some illusionary details, the ‘almost mural’ can provide a feature which is unmatched by stickers or cardboard-cutouts. 


Event signage and temporary instillations are another great way to incorporate aerosol and mural art at your event or venue. The process of aerosol art is one based on speed, making it an ideal concept for works or projects which have short timeframes


Finally, the aerosol art is a quick and cost effective method of adding colour and difference to your home, your event or business. Contact us today to organize a commission or consultation.