Each year, our rad mates from Brisbane throw a backyard party on Aussie Day. The party changes as the tribe grows but the essentials are all there, like goon-inspired punch, snags on the barbie, bogan inspired costumes, and the Triple J Hottest 100 on the stezza. Since everyday is a good day for a paint, Sauce contributed to the party vibes and smashed out this chrome-effect filled piece. Mad props to our Brisbane friends who know how to throw a party!

And I don’t want to get too political, but Sauce and myself would like to pay tribute to the First Peoples who walked this country. Australia was colonised, not settled and was indeed inhabited for thousands of years before Captain Cook made it to our shores. When are we going to get a new flag?

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Aus Day
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Cabarita Community Noticeboard

This mural took some time to complete as it was finalised over the holiday season. The fine folk from Caba Creative and You and Bamboo wanted an illusion style mural (trompe l’oeil) and felt the plain wall needed some artwork which suited the area and included the local flora and fauna. Sauce used paint-brush for the black cockatoos and aerosol for some other the other features like the skateboard. It was an usual mural, as there were many different items to work around, including the ATM, the bird features were incorporated to work around these objects and I think it creates a sense of scale and proportion. 

Community Noticeboard

93 Creator Crescent. The Moon

Mr. Squiggle and his motley crew from the moon made a huge impact on Sauce during the folly of his youth. In fact, I think Mr Squiggle and his friends inspired a whole generation of art lovers. 

I can still remember watching in awe and wonderment as Mr. Squiggle created a masterpiece from a few lines provided by a lucky viewer.


 It blew my five year old mind when he did the artwork upside down. I mean, can you imagine drawing with a pencil as your nose AND creating something recognisable AND doing it UPSIDE-DOWN!? Crazy!

Mr Squiggle Tribute

In the current political climate, it is important to pay tribute and recognise the impact the ABC programming has on our lives and give thanks for the ABC’s contribution to leaning, education and the arts. #saveourabc

Bedroom Murals

Sauce held a cracking pace while out west, and in between facilitating workshops and completing two murals at the Emerald Aquatic Centre, he whipped up two interior murals for a local Emerald family. Since this was an interior commission, it was a little tricky to use strictly aerosols, so these murals are 99% brush work. 

This brushwork allowed Sauce to get clean crisp lines for the brick work in the Rabbit mural and since paint was in limited supply by that stage of the tour, it ensured Sauce was able to deliver the final product to the client without disappointment. 


If you’re thinking of adding some colour to your home, then get in contact with us. 

Increase the Peace

After opening The Sauce Studio in March 2013, Sauce and I were adamant something had to be done “about that wall”. By then the wildlife mural had some new additions including genitalia to the fauna and some political statements about drug use, which just reinforced Sauce’s ideas about reinvigorating the wall with a fresh coat of paint. After a quick chat with the store owner and a few discussions with the building owner, we secured permission for the wall, but no funding, so we had to wait a little longer. I tried to source some grant funds, but the timing wasn’t right and since it was an aerosol project it added another level of challenges with various funding concepts. At one stage both Sauce and myself tried to approach both the local Tweed Council and the local Tweed Regional Art Gallery, however both organisations made it abundantly clear they had neither the infrastructure or the interest to make such a project happen. When we had a meeting with the management of the Community and Cultural Services (after numerous weeks and months of waiting) we were informed there was no budget for any public art and despite recently passing a new policy and people employed to approve such projects, there was still no way council would be involved with any artist driven projects.  
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Increase the Peace

This project in Murwiilumbah took several days of pre-production, 112 hours to paint, used 35 litres of acrylic paint and 120 aerosol cans, 114 nozzles, and the artists traveled from Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast and had 87 years experience between them. In short, the lads put in a mammoth effort over the Easter long weekend to finish this mural. For a full background visit the blog, where I explain the finer details of the wall.  

Name: Sauce

From: Northern NSW

Trade: Mural and Aerosol Artist

Painting Since: 1994

Theme: Increase the Peace



Name: Skons

From: Brisbane

Painting Since: 1999

Trade: Tattoo Artist

Theme: Increase the Peace

Jae Theartist


Name: Jae Theartist

From: Wherever he lays his head

Trade: Sign writing and aerosol art

Painting Since: 1989

Theme: Finding what creates a resonance with light

Website: Flickr 

Jae Theartist 


Name: Ksino

From: Sydney, now lives in Brisbane

Trade: Owner of Butter Beats Record Store

Painting Since: 1986

Theme: It’s more likely that we landed a monkey on the moon than a man. 

Website: Butter Beats & Kasino 


Koala Cafe

Late last year, we were contacted by the P & C at Coolnwynpin State School as they had some ideas about how they wanted to update their tuck-shop area. The school also had a few sketches and ideas about the space as previously, they had run a design competition with the students to involve the students in the process. The P & C also wanted the sign to match the theme of the previous mural Sauce had created at the school.

Sauce spent more time in pre-production with this mural as it included reworking the design process, involving a young person, and a cut-out detail for the sign. He also had to work around the school schedule which can be a challenge when you’re working with several different schools at once.
An honourable mention goes to the Groundskeeper, who fixed and primed the wall, making it ready for Sauce to paint on, and Jodee the School Captain, who help with the mural.