Sketch Swap

I'm always up for a challenge so I hit up Adelaide based aerosol artist SG1 for a sketch swap. SG1 has a unique approach to three dimensional style graffiti and its always interesting to see  your own letters from a different perspective. It took me a couple of drafts before I developed a design I was satisfied with. Maintaining form and flow without cluttering the letters was an issue for me but I enjoyed the process and props to SG1 for rocking a super Sauce sketch. More to come so stay tuned folks.  

Sauce by SG1

Sauce by SG1

SG1 by Sauce

SG1 by Sauce

Increase the Peace

After opening The Sauce Studio in March 2013, Sauce and I were adamant something had to be done “about that wall”. By then the wildlife mural had some new additions including genitalia to the fauna and some political statements about drug use, which just reinforced Sauce’s ideas about reinvigorating the wall with a fresh coat of paint. After a quick chat with the store owner and a few discussions with the building owner, we secured permission for the wall, but no funding, so we had to wait a little longer. I tried to source some grant funds, but the timing wasn’t right and since it was an aerosol project it added another level of challenges with various funding concepts. At one stage both Sauce and myself tried to approach both the local Tweed Council and the local Tweed Regional Art Gallery, however both organisations made it abundantly clear they had neither the infrastructure or the interest to make such a project happen. When we had a meeting with the management of the Community and Cultural Services (after numerous weeks and months of waiting) we were informed there was no budget for any public art and despite recently passing a new policy and people employed to approve such projects, there was still no way council would be involved with any artist driven projects.  
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I am proud to announce that I am a finalist in the International Mural Fest Sheffield. This will be my fourth year as a competitor and I am looking forward to meeting with old friends and seeing some new faces. If you’re in Sheffield for Easter this year, come and visit! 

XIX LXIX by Sauce illuminates the possibilities of the space-time continuum, which as humans, we experience without consciousness. Earth is paradoxical by being both monumental and insignificant. Humanity is constantly seeking physical answers to metaphysical questions which creates barriers and restraints on our own freedom.

2013 Theme Wild and Free


Wild and Free 

Freedom Unrestrained, 

Searches the secret 

 Wilderness of the heart. 

-By Loretta Sommer

Green Leaf Cafe

Over the past five years I have enjoyed a great working relationship with the owner of the rebranded Green Leaf Cafe in Morningside. Every visit to the cafe is a pleasure as I always leave with a belly full of food and a head full of ideas about the next piece I can create on their walls. This time I wanted to paint a piece which was vibrant and modern but also keeping in theme with the cafe’s new corporate colours.

The Dragon Boats which cover the front windows encapsulate a different side of Brisbane. I wanted to showcase the energy of both the rowers and the synergy of the natural environment working with the built environment. Hopefully the rowers who visit the cafe for their weekly catch up will appreciate the likeness.