Back to the Future



Ok, so it’s 2014 and we still don’t have hoverboards, but we do have a Time Machine! Over the Christmas and New Year break, Sauce whipped up a Time Machine in Newell Park, Murwillumbah. The project was many months in the making, as there were numerous official documents to fill out, and Sauce was juggling several different murals at once. The delay was a blessing in disguise as once Sauce had completed the steampunk themed mural at Ground Control, he was full of ideas for the electrical box. The box is literally across the road from the studio, so next time you’re in town you can see both!




Studio Direct

This month in The Sauce Studio we’ve said goodbye to some canvases and hello to some new faces. Sauce has enjoyed using the studio to focus on more canvas work and to utilize the space for cataloging, re-arranging and finalizing unfinished works. As an artist, the creative practice of creating new works is always a challenge, but having the studio helps with the mundane and organizational details necessary for a consistent artistic output. If you want to commission Sauce, feel free to contact us here, or drop by the studio in Murwillumbah.


For the uninitiated, a Blackbook is where aerosol artists sketch out different ideas and concepts for new pieces. Typically, a Blackbook has a black cover with white pages, hence the name Blackbook. This is where the art form is developed, and allows for an exploration of the imagination. A Blackbook is more than delinquents planning their next line of attack for tagging walls, it’s about hand crafting new lettering forms and delving into the unkown. Sometimes writers might swap sketches in each others Blackbooks in a collaboration or as an organic method of mentoring younger and underveloped artists. Either way, a Blackbook is deeply personal, similar to a pictorial diary. In Sauce’s Blackbook there are simple doodles smashed out while waiting in airports and meticulously planned details for large scale projects. 


Emerald, Springsure and Capella

For the last week of April, I headed to Emerald, Springsure and Capella for a suite of stencil art workshops for the young people involved with Anglicare and some of the local schools. The team at Anglicare are a pleasure to work with and the young people appear to be well looked after. The stencil art workshops were a hit, with bookings filling well in advance. The young people completed over one hundred canvasses and we threw around twenty skate decks in there just for fun. I managed to squeeze in some work for Family Daycare too, with some boards for their fence, making the week jam packed with painting. I’m looking forward to doing it all again soon, but in the meantime, I’m enjoying working on some fine art and designs in my studio in Murwillumbah.


Re-design, Reduce, Re-use, Recycle.

This week I reached an environmental milestone at Aerograffix, with over three hundred aerosol cans recycled. This was only achievable with the help of the team at Signet who kindly provided Aerograffix with an Aerosolv unit. The Aerosolv unit allows for a safe dispersion of the gas and paint residue or VOCs, which means the cans can be recycled. It’s the small steps like this which work towards reducing our carbon footprint.