Mt Cotton State School

Fifteen years ago, I completed one of my first ever paid school murals at Mt Cotton State School, and during that time, I have been privileged to work on an array of artworks for the school. This latest projects saw my sign writing skills put to the test on a new sign and some landscape imagery for The Rainforest Room.

Redland Museum


Late last year, we received a phone call from Redlands Museum with a request for an interior mural with a horse ploughing a field. “Easy done!” I said. “No worries mate.” That was before I learnt it was a 14m x 6m wall. But, with Sauce being a professional I was confident the mural would be an interesting and suitable challenge. 

After some further consultation with the staff and volunteers, the theme and images were determined. The layout and design was relatively simple as the concept needed to be historically accurate since it was a part of the tractor display in the museum. The staff and volunteers at the museum were great to work with and it was refreshing to see such a professionally managed facility. With any luck, Sauce will be painting more backdrops and murals for the museum to help set the scene for their carefully curated displays