It was great to return to Blackall State School to work with senior art students recently. We tackled a number of large murals and braved freezing cold mid winter mornings. Students and staff were so keen to participate I missed most of my lunch breaks but it was very much worthwhile as the new art evokes thought, reinforces school values and celebrates Blackall's unique identity.

The Blackall Show

In September of last year, the Blackall Show Committee decided they needed to create a colourful backdrop for their annual show. Sauce has created many different murals in both Blackall and Central Queensland, so it was easy to organise another trip out to Central Queensland. 

Over a series of emails, Sauce, myself and the Blackall Show Committee organised the design, for one of the tallest murals Sauce has created to date. The mural needed to both add colour and be a backdrop for all of the cultural activities and festivities associated with the show. It also needed to create an atmosphere which recognised over a century of history and commitment to community. All while creating a new layer of history for many years to come. Sauce also facilitated workshops and demonstrations at the show. It was non-stop painting! 

Once Sauce was in Blackall, it didn’t take long for the locals to say hello and ask about other projects and walls that Sauce could fit in while still in the area. He managed to paint some extra signage, and create a welcoming environment for the local Men’s Shed. The local Magpies also requested a mural, and Sauce was happy to oblige. 

As always, Sauce enjoyed the good old-fashioned county hospitality and hung out at the best hotel in the West.



Ainslie Rose. 

Blackall State School

Making the most of the recent beautiful weather in Central Queensland I have just completed another project with Blackall State School. During the week I worked with students to build on arts skills and create a few more murals around the school. I wish to thank the principal and PCAP for the opportunity to continue the great work. Also derserving of much gratitude are the staff, students, tuckshop, and the community of Blackall for the ongoing support and commitment to youth art initiatives.

The following are a couple of examples from a busy week.



Just had a mammoth ten days in Blackall.


I facilitated workshops to paint banners with Blackall Pony Club and visitor information signs.

Then we did fifteen canvasses with community members along with a few canvas demos at the Blackall Show.

Thanks again to my friends, the wonderful people of Blackall for the ongoing and genuine support to engage community in public art projects.