Mt Cotton


I was assigned the task of completing an addition to the memorial wall at Mt Cotton State School. It is never an easy and I hope the artwork brings joy to the memories and assists with the healing/grieving process. The great manners and initiative of students to open the gate while my hands were full put a smile on my face.

Mt Cotton State School I think was the the first school I completed a project back in 2000 or 2001. I have enjoyed a great relationship with the school with 9 Murals over the years, each still serving well. Previous principals and teachers have engaged my services at their new schools and many of these works have been great folio examples. 


Great things happen at North. It was fantastic to return to Emerald North State School after completing the tuck shop project last year. This time my skills were put to use on a large welcoming mural and teaching block 4 also received some attention with an illusion mural with cartoon elements. It was a pleasure to return and see familiar faces amongst the school community.


It was great to return to Gayndah State School and apply new work. I wish to thank the staff and students who made me feel welcome and asked a record breaking number of questions! I enjoyed revisiting the oldest school in Queensland and left inspired by some of the hand painted signage from decades past.


Miriam Vale

I had a very productive and enjoyable time in Miriam Vale despite the inclement weather. Cosmic the magpie and the Super Kids featured in a number of murals reinforcing the school values. A big thanks to the staff and students at Miriam Vale State School who’s enthusiasm kept me going in wet and windy conditions.



Once again I was excited to head towards Central Queensland. Commencing with week at Longreach State High School four new murals were created with the assistance of a student who completed his work experience under my guidance. The new works build on the success of the first project this year, transforming spaces around the school and passing on some skills and knowledge to the next generation of mural artist. I also took on a couple of commissions whilst in the area ensuring this CQ trip was going to be super productive. The project was supported by Longreach SHS, Longreach Regional Council, FRRR & RADF.


I had the pleasure of returning to Longreach during my Winter 2018 tour of Central Queensland. This time around I was able to provide a placement for a student to complete their work experience at Longreach State High School . I will always remember my year 10 work experience in 1994 when I worked with a local commercial artist who left me inspired to follow a career in the creative industries. With roles now reversed it felt great to pass on my experience, skills and knowledge to the next generation of artist. With the support of Longreach Regional Council we continued splashing some paint around at the local skatepark to provide an activity to engage young people during the school holidays. The community support for these types of projects was great and I look forward to returning soon to continue the great work.


I recently spent some time on the road completing 11 murals via 5 different projects in 6 places. It was a super busy variety of commissions, workshops and it felt great to be painting daily again. The first stop on tour was Gayndah State School where the school tuck shop was brought to life with a great message.