Madison on High Street

Earlier this year I was contacted by the team at Hamilton Hayes Henderson architects to create a mural on an upcoming project. The brief was to reference the history of the site as the apartment building is located where the original Southport railway station operated until 1964. I explored a few options through the concept development stage and came up with a mandala inspired design as my recommended option. After some minor refinements approval was granted and its was time to get cracking. I tried to harness the energy from the jackhammering, concrete cutting and earthshaking machinery operating nearby. At times I could barely hear myself think on the construction site but the contractors were very accommodating and great to work alongside. This was an exciting project to be involved with as only a few times in my career has a client built a wall with a mural in mind. 

The Modern Grocer

When a local Murwillumbah delicatessen, The Modern Grocer asked Sauce to whip up a quick sign to advertise their latest specials, he was happy to oblige. Sauce has begun to expand his lettering, sign-writing and typography skill lately and this chalk board was a simple example of his letting abilities. If you’re a local business in Murwillumbah and looking to update your signage, feel free to drop by the studio on Proudfoots Lane. We’d love to help you out.