Calvary Christian College Arts Fest 2014

Last week, Sauce visited Calvary Christian College for the fifth year in a row for the school’s ArtsFest. Sauce has been a regular feature as the Artist in Residence, where he creates murals for the school, facilitates workshops with the high school students and runs lunchtime demonstrations for the wider school community. 

A Colour Study in Brown, Blue and Orange. 

A lunchtime aerosol demonstration. 

Emerald Aquatic Centre

The Emerald Aquatic Centre was the first gig Sauce had waiting for him in Emerald, and he was there for six days completing the cartoon murals for the children’s area. Sauce met the manager of the centre on his previous trip to Central Queensland, as the manager was looking for something to smarten the place up before the busy summer season. 

The manager was so impressed with the children’s area, he commissioned Sauce to paint an entrance mural too. 



Coalstoun Lakes State School

Once Mooshka received a revamp, it was time to get back in the Mural Truck and head to Coalstoun Lakes State School.  

Sauce worked with the principal Mr. Reed a few years ago in Muttaburra, so it was great to reconnect with old friends and it was even better to see an early career principal leading the way and reinvigorating the school community.

After creating several murals throughout the school during the week, Sauce also squeezed in a 3D piece before his next stop, the Emerald Aquatic Centre