It was great to return to St Joseph’s Primary in Barcaldine recently. I had the opportunity to brighten up a number of spaces. It was great to be a part of some of the new things happening at the school, see familiar faces and meet new ones. The friendly staff and students at Joey’s always make me feel welcome.

Miriam Vale

I had a very productive and enjoyable time in Miriam Vale despite the inclement weather. Cosmic the magpie and the Super Kids featured in a number of murals reinforcing the school values. A big thanks to the staff and students at Miriam Vale State School who’s enthusiasm kept me going in wet and windy conditions.



It was great to return to Blackall State School to work with senior art students recently. We tackled a number of large murals and braved freezing cold mid winter mornings. Students and staff were so keen to participate I missed most of my lunch breaks but it was very much worthwhile as the new art evokes thought, reinforces school values and celebrates Blackall's unique identity.

Coalstoun Lakes State School

Once Mooshka received a revamp, it was time to get back in the Mural Truck and head to Coalstoun Lakes State School.  

Sauce worked with the principal Mr. Reed a few years ago in Muttaburra, so it was great to reconnect with old friends and it was even better to see an early career principal leading the way and reinvigorating the school community.

After creating several murals throughout the school during the week, Sauce also squeezed in a 3D piece before his next stop, the Emerald Aquatic Centre

Tamborine Mountain State School

Last week I headed to Tamborine Mountain State School to work with the Principal, Mr. Jason Smith. I always enjoy heading back to school and creating murals which both the teachers and students can enjoy. Mr. Smith wanted the murals to present the school mottoadd some colour to the school and remind the students it’s cool to go to school!