Emmanuel College

A few weeks ago, we were contacted by Emmanuel College on the Gold Coast, with a brief to add some colour to the new extensions at the college. The school had recently upgraded the technology block and they decided a mural would be a great way to make the school more inviting. The college already had an industrial theme chosen as it was in the technology area. This made it easy to create the designs and the artwork (sometimes simple is best!). The theme also allowed Sauce to create artwork which is within his area of interest which is always a bonus. 


Loganlea Dance Studio

We were recently contacted by Loganlea State High to add some colour to their dance studio. It was a small and simple mural to create as like the other recent studio mural Sauce created, it was painted off-site on MDF ply and then attached to the wall. This process allowed Sauce to create the mural while juggling other work commitments, and since this mural was for the interior of the dance studio, there were no interruptions with lessons. It also made perfect sense to create an aerosol art backdrop for the dance studio since graffiti and breakdancing are all a part of the hip hop culture.

If your studio needs a backdrop, give us a call. It’s easier than you think. 


Crystal Creek Public School

During the September school holidays, we had a visit from some dedicated P&C members at Crystal Creek Public School who decided they needed a mural for their new art studio. The timing was just right, and Sauce managed to fit this project in-between creating other murals and projects which are in various stages of completion. 

This mural was created off-site on MDF boards and fastened to the interior of the newly created studio. This method of application is a great way to add colour to an interior space and stay within budget. It also provides flexibility with time, as Sauce can create the artwork in his studio and minimise on-site disruptions and inconveniences. The best part of the job, besides the organised and friendly P&C members, was the location! Since Crystal Creek is only a stones throw from the studio in Murwillumbah, there was no traffic and no early mornings which was a win for everyone!

Coalstoun Lakes State School

Once Mooshka received a revamp, it was time to get back in the Mural Truck and head to Coalstoun Lakes State School.  

Sauce worked with the principal Mr. Reed a few years ago in Muttaburra, so it was great to reconnect with old friends and it was even better to see an early career principal leading the way and reinvigorating the school community.

After creating several murals throughout the school during the week, Sauce also squeezed in a 3D piece before his next stop, the Emerald Aquatic Centre

Strive to Excel

In between the Brisbane Buddah and the piles of paperwork which are taking over the studio, Sauce headed out to Upper Mt Gravatt State School where he added some signs and painted a mural. 

The hand painted signs were a deviation from his usual work, however the school wanted something which had longevity and was visually striking. The mural in the ball court wasn’t Sauce’s first work at the school, as earlier in the year he created a cultural mural which the pupils at the school loved. 


Parks and Recreation

Over the weekend, Sauce and I caught an old Parks and Recreation episode, The Camel where the Parks Department design a new mural for the town. Not only did we laugh ourselves silly because Parks and Recreation is one of the best Sit-Coms around (Ron Swanson is pretty damn funny), but the episode remind us of some experiences we’ve both had when dealing with past clients and councils. In light of the mistakes made by Leslie Knope and the rest of her team in the Parks Department, I thought I would add a post with some hints and tips about designing and commissioning a mural.


  •  Have a clear idea about why you’re commissioning a mural, and allow this to set the tone and theme. If you want a mural to encompass a town, think of the narrative or story that town has to offer. Also, keep in mind of the whole story of the town. In the Parks and Recreation episode, a new mural was commissioned, since the original mural was defaced due to it’s racist undertones. 


  • Who is the target audience? Is this mural a part of a graffiti management strategy, or is it about adding colour? Is the mural a part of your advertising strategy, or all of the above? A mural can be an effective way to discourage unwanted vandalism, but this is only going to work if it is culturally appropriate. The target audience should influence and shape the theme. A lovely and peaceful scene of an elderly person feeding the pigeons in the park sounds great on paper, but if you want to deter vandalism, you’re going to need to add something a bit more relevant.

  •  Where is the mural? If the mural is in the CBD of town, or an area of high traffic, then it is worth spending more time and effort to make it stand out and memorable. If the mural is in a town, will people be taking photos and selfies in front of it? Is this mural a large component of your advertising strategy? The saying of ‘you get what you pay for’ rings true here. If you want a showpiece or stand out feature, it pays to hire a professional mural artist who can guide you through the design process. By asking people with no public art experience and expecting a committee to make an assertive and creative design you’re just setting yourself up for failure. And let’s not forget one of the most realistic lines from the show:

Landscape Architect: “It’s a camel.”

Leslie Knope: “A camel?”

Landscape Architect: “A camel is what you get when you ask a committee to design a horse.”

And lastly, be mindful of simplicity. There is nothing worse than a convoluted message which tries to be all things at once. 


To organise a design consultation, contact us today.




Koala Cafe

Late last year, we were contacted by the P & C at Coolnwynpin State School as they had some ideas about how they wanted to update their tuck-shop area. The school also had a few sketches and ideas about the space as previously, they had run a design competition with the students to involve the students in the process. The P & C also wanted the sign to match the theme of the previous mural Sauce had created at the school.

Sauce spent more time in pre-production with this mural as it included reworking the design process, involving a young person, and a cut-out detail for the sign. He also had to work around the school schedule which can be a challenge when you’re working with several different schools at once.
An honourable mention goes to the Groundskeeper, who fixed and primed the wall, making it ready for Sauce to paint on, and Jodee the School Captain, who help with the mural.

Beast Mode Unleashed


Late last year, we were contacted in the studio by some keen young men from Iona College to create a ‘Seniors’ mural for their school as a leaving gift. The lads wanted something which represented them and their school and something that celebrated their passion for rugby. After some initial consultation with the lads and Father Mark Edwards, the Principal, Sauce smashed out a piece and beast over two days in the sweltering Brisbane humidity. 


Upper Mt Gravatt State School

I wanted to organise somewhere to paint on my down time during the summer break, so I contacted Upper Mount Gravatt State School, as I have an older mural which I would like to renew. The Principal agreed, but he also wanted to commission another mural for the school. The design process for the mural outside the library was different from usual, as it was already created by Bec who is a member of the P & C. While it deviated from my regular style, I am satisfied with the end result and it was an interesting process working with someone else’s concepts.