I am excited to announce that I am a finalist in the Jamestown Mural Festival! The competition will take place in September and I will be traveling to South Australia to paint my mural based on the theme given by the organisers, Earth Under Stress. My miniature conceptualizes a bleak future existance. If we don’t change the way we treat our planet, we just might have a bleak future

Aftermath is an expression of post-modernity, depicting the stress humans placed on the natural environment. In the background, an abandoned city crumbles, while lights blink on the nuclear reactors. Three figures in foreground clearing the waterways represent the last hope for survival with an attempt to find fresh water.

Acrylic on board 90 X 54cm.

Wreckers Yard

It was great to once again be selected as one of eight artists to compete in Wreckers Yard live graffiti art battle. Bar Soma in Fortutude Valley was packed as the competition kicked off last Thursday night. Each heat consisted of a twelve minute, one on one battle where a theme is picked from a hat a couple of minutes prior to commencing. There were some very challenging themes and skilled artists producing some great spontaneous works ensuring judging was close. As the rounds progressed the canvas size was reduced and the time extended to fifteen minutes for the final. I am pleased with my efforts gaining a second overall. Congratulations to Gimiks who took out first place and will head to Melbourne to represent Brisbane in the trans-Tasman final on the 25th of June.

Respect to Red Bull, Skullcandy, Ironlak, VC Clothing and G-shock for sponsoring Wreckers Yard.

Winner !

Fresh from my time in Tasmania, I am pleased to announce I won the judges choice for this year’s International Mural Fest, Sheffield. The week long paint off in Sheffield brings over ten thousand through Mural Park and the Shire of Kentish and is sponsored by The Wilderness Gallery. My work, after much discussion, was chosen for the $6000 prize by the judges based on the three different criteria of technique, originality and interpretation of the theme poem provided. 

It was a real honor to be selected as a finalist as the calibre and experience of the other eight artists is very inspiring. I want to congratulate Kerry and Malcolm Nicholson, of Queensland for the amazing work “The Quilt” which was awarded highly commended. Patricia Smart, of New South Wales, picked up the most public votes during the week winning the peoples choice for “The World Open” and Marc Spijkerbosch, of New Zealand took the 2010 Peoples’ Choice Award for votes during the past year. Please visit the Mural Fest website for pictures of the finished works and artists in action.

I would like to thank my family, friends and fans who offered support throughout the paint off, all of the artists for participation in lengthy networking meetings at the Sheffield Hotel, Jelly Media and all of the sponsors. Most importantly I want to extend my appreciation to the Mural Fest committee and volunteers for everything including fresh mushrooms, spraypaint, transport, accommodation, lammingtons, cups of tea and all of the laughs. Thanks to the community of Sheffield for a great event.


“Connectivity” Aerosol and acrylic on boards 4.8m X 2.1m, Mural Park Sheffield Tasmania.



Mural Fest is sponsored by: The Wilderness Gallery, Slaters Country Store, Kentish Shire Council, The Sheffield Shed, Jelly Media, Lake Barrington Vineyard, Sheffield Hotel, Tasmanian Alkaloids, Targa Tasmania, Tasmazia, Cradle Mountain Candy Company, Southern Cross, Sea FM, Sheffield Cabins, Pioneer Holiday Cabins, IGA Express, Kentish Hills Retreat, AAA Granary Accommodation, Treloar Transport, Barrington General Store, Caltex Sheffield, BJR Chain & Engineering Supplies, Commonwealth Bank, Turnbulls Pharmacy, Highlander Restaurant, Railton Motor & Tyre, Kirtek, Clematis Nursery, Cement Australia, Ibbotts, Skwiz Cafe, Carinya Farm, Mayor Don Thwaites, Sheffield RSL, World of Marbles, Sheffield Newsagency, Aplaca Man, Sheffield Medical Centre, The Don Store and Sup-Ply.

Sheffield International Mural Fest

I am excited to once again be selected as a finalist in the Sheffield International Mural Fest. I will compete with eight other mural artists at Mural Park in Sheffield, Tasmania. You can stay in the loop at the Mural Fest website for progress photos, updates and information during the week long paint off. 

Artists enter a miniature based on a theme poem, this years poem is titled “Power of Community” by PB Tewson.

In the dawn bright with birdsong,

the people rise to watch the world open


International Mural Fest 2010

I was selected as one of nine finalists in the Sheffield International Mural Fest paint-off 2010. Artists from Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Tasmania and New Zealand competed for prize money and prestige at Mural Park set beneath the inspiring Mt Roland, Tasmania.

Each artist was selected based on a miniature. This years theme poem was "Home" By Cindy Bennett.

From dark cave to seaside,

Under stars when nights are warm,

Home is where you wander-

Where your truth and essence are born.

There was a constant stream of viewers over the six days and the kids were lapping up the chance to create a  mini mural.

Artists accommodation was great!  (Tasmazia & The Village of Lower Crackpot).


The competition so so tight the judges came to a tied decision. Congratulations to Marc Spijkerbosch & Julian Bale who were awarded first place.

Thanks to all the artists, volunteers, local community, sponsors and supporters. To view all artists murals and progress pics click here.