Caba Creative Trail

Caba Creative Trail

Installation work is where Sauce is keen to keep pushing the boundaries and experimenting with. For this work, he used aerosol on a composite board, creating a three dimensional effect to contrast with the natural landscape. 

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The Sauce Studio gets a Workout

Lately we’ve had to juggle numerous projects around and do the project shuffle to try and keep all of our lovely and patient clients happy. 


This left Sauce with some unexpected downtime in the studio, so he made the most of it by getting stuck into some new canvas work. He even finished a commission for a friend’s anniversary. 

If you’re interested in picking up a canvas before the Christmas rush, then get into the studio now and grab yourself an original handmade piece of aerosol art.

Studio Direct

This month in The Sauce Studio we’ve said goodbye to some canvases and hello to some new faces. Sauce has enjoyed using the studio to focus on more canvas work and to utilize the space for cataloging, re-arranging and finalizing unfinished works. As an artist, the creative practice of creating new works is always a challenge, but having the studio helps with the mundane and organizational details necessary for a consistent artistic output. If you want to commission Sauce, feel free to contact us here, or drop by the studio in Murwillumbah.