Ten years ago I completed a mural at a private residence a few kilometres from Lismore. The owners recently made contact to rejuvenate the mural as it turns out they had kept my business card all these years. The mural had weathered reasonably well and it goes to show a professional job using quality paints will go the distance. 

The old

And The New (rejuvenated)

Technology Issues

Please be advised we have been experiencing ongoing internet issues at The Sauce Studio which unfortunately will not be fixed by our service provider. We are currently exploring options such as carrier pigeons and the good old tin cans joined by a piece of string, please let us know if you wish to join the conversation. We are also pursuing our local Member of Parliament to assist in legislating the internet as an essential service in the meantime. We hope you stay with us during this difficult time as we are assured by the Minister for Communications that we will have some sort of reliable broadband by 2020. We will attempt to keep emails replied, social platforms and website updated as the limited service allows. Please contact us on 02 6672 1929 if you have trouble via other methods. 

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Cabarita Community Noticeboard

This mural took some time to complete as it was finalised over the holiday season. The fine folk from Caba Creative and You and Bamboo wanted an illusion style mural (trompe l’oeil) and felt the plain wall needed some artwork which suited the area and included the local flora and fauna. Sauce used paint-brush for the black cockatoos and aerosol for some other the other features like the skateboard. It was an usual mural, as there were many different items to work around, including the ATM, the bird features were incorporated to work around these objects and I think it creates a sense of scale and proportion. 

Community Noticeboard