Crystal Creek Public School

During the September school holidays, we had a visit from some dedicated P&C members at Crystal Creek Public School who decided they needed a mural for their new art studio. The timing was just right, and Sauce managed to fit this project in-between creating other murals and projects which are in various stages of completion. 

This mural was created off-site on MDF boards and fastened to the interior of the newly created studio. This method of application is a great way to add colour to an interior space and stay within budget. It also provides flexibility with time, as Sauce can create the artwork in his studio and minimise on-site disruptions and inconveniences. The best part of the job, besides the organised and friendly P&C members, was the location! Since Crystal Creek is only a stones throw from the studio in Murwillumbah, there was no traffic and no early mornings which was a win for everyone!

Life and Death

We’ve had some varied feedback about our A-frame today, and I would like to thank those who spoke to me about their feelings regarding the sign’s content. 


This link explores the same themes provides insight into the issue of popularity and death. 

At the studio, we’re not about sledging Margaret Olley or her legacy, but what we are advocating for is support for living artists, so their careers can flourish. And as an organisation which is living in the shadows of other well funded facilities it is a challenge to run a successful arts business. 

We’ve exhausted every other polite way to demonstrate these experiences to the ‘powers that be’, and this is one way of creating critical debate about this topic.


p.s. Sorry about the relfective selfie!

Uki Supermarket

In between fighting bureaucracy and nailing some designs in the studio, I packed up my trestles and ladders and headed to Uki Supermarket, a local village fifteen minutes out of town. Dave and Bec, the Supermarket owners, required something which incorporated their branding, suited the locality and combined their own theme and design. I was pleased with the end result as I think it makes an excellent showcase of combining hand-crafted artwork with a unique branding perspective.