It’s not often I get to work with artists I consider peers which made for the recent mural work at Cabarita SLSC to be such a pleasure. The skills and experience Steve Peterson (Pete Signs) is equipped with after 40 years painting murals and sign painting is amazing. I am looking forward to the opportunity to collaborate again soon and frequenting the Starlight Cinema for upcoming movie events.


Caba Creative Trail

Caba Creative Trail

Installation work is where Sauce is keen to keep pushing the boundaries and experimenting with. For this work, he used aerosol on a composite board, creating a three dimensional effect to contrast with the natural landscape. 

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Cabarita Community Noticeboard

This mural took some time to complete as it was finalised over the holiday season. The fine folk from Caba Creative and You and Bamboo wanted an illusion style mural (trompe l’oeil) and felt the plain wall needed some artwork which suited the area and included the local flora and fauna. Sauce used paint-brush for the black cockatoos and aerosol for some other the other features like the skateboard. It was an usual mural, as there were many different items to work around, including the ATM, the bird features were incorporated to work around these objects and I think it creates a sense of scale and proportion. 

Community Noticeboard

Welcome to Caba


Last Saturday Destination Tweed held their annual event Tweed Fusion, which promotes arts and culture in the Tweed. As a part of the celebrations, we joined the cool crew at Caba Creative at Norries Headland for some aerosol art demonstrations where Sauce painted a mural on the amenities block. Cabarita is an amazing beach, and it was the perfect day for markets, live music and interactive art. We met some great people, and hope to work with the community again in the future.