I escaped the cold winter briefly and headed to sunny North Queensland to visit family. While in town I was commissioned to do a large wall I had discussed with the owner a couple of years ago when I painted the stairwell. I explored several design concepts each using an illusion element and the owner chose the “funky” one. It was great to see this mural come to fruition and able to put the time in the wall deserved.

During this trip I delivered a canvas to its new home and as always no visit to cairns is complete without a paint session and a cold beverage with the talented and friendly locals, Mint & Wal.


Caba Creative Trail

Caba Creative Trail

Installation work is where Sauce is keen to keep pushing the boundaries and experimenting with. For this work, he used aerosol on a composite board, creating a three dimensional effect to contrast with the natural landscape. 

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Northlakes YMCA Brisbane

It was great for this mural project to come to fruition and whilst painting I experienced some of the best beats and live music since I painted the "Metallica" house last year! The team at Northlakes YMCA  in Brisbane, made me feel welcome and it was good to engage with the students at The Space. Part of the design brief was to include reference to the infamous Northlakes roo, and a 3D style text. 



Sauce on the cans.


XIX LXIX by Sauce illuminates the possibilities of the space-time continuum, which as humans, we experience without consciousness. Earth is paradoxical by being both monumental and insignificant. Humanity is constantly seeking physical answers to metaphysical questions which creates barriers and restraints on our own freedom.


Sauce was thrilled to (finally) finish this mural in Brisbane this week. He created the mural over two days in the hot Brisbane sun, at a school in Mt. Gravatt. The principal graciously allowed Sauce to create this design at the school, as it was a challenge to find somewhere which suited the layout of this mural. If you’re thinking this image is familiar, then you’re right. This picture features as one of our postcard designs

in the studio in Murwillumbah

(Available for $3.00 in store. What a bargain!) and it also has

an interesting history

which can be traced back to Tasmania. 


Increase the Peace

This project in Murwiilumbah took several days of pre-production, 112 hours to paint, used 35 litres of acrylic paint and 120 aerosol cans, 114 nozzles, and the artists traveled from Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast and had 87 years experience between them. In short, the lads put in a mammoth effort over the Easter long weekend to finish this mural. For a full background visit the blog, where I explain the finer details of the wall.  

Name: Sauce

From: Northern NSW

Trade: Mural and Aerosol Artist

Painting Since: 1994

Theme: Increase the Peace



Name: Skons

From: Brisbane

Painting Since: 1999

Trade: Tattoo Artist

Theme: Increase the Peace

Jae Theartist


Name: Jae Theartist

From: Wherever he lays his head

Trade: Sign writing and aerosol art

Painting Since: 1989

Theme: Finding what creates a resonance with light

Website: Flickr 

Jae Theartist 


Name: Ksino

From: Sydney, now lives in Brisbane

Trade: Owner of Butter Beats Record Store

Painting Since: 1986

Theme: It’s more likely that we landed a monkey on the moon than a man. 

Website: Butter Beats & Kasino